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Will the potential new bitcoin altcoin that may fork away via a UHAF, Bitcoin Cash aka Bitcoin ABC, be a Dash killer? Herein we discuss the advantages of each and how each might be perceived by the market.

6 thoughts on “Could Dash Compete With A Hard-Forked Bitcoin Cash/ABC?

  1. Cool video guys. Clever analysis with humour is difficult to find these days. So you guys think Bitcoin will hold its value after the Bitcoin Cash airdrop? Seems to me, getting two coins for the price of one, isn't going to see a sell off. Especially with BIP91 now enforced. I guess you are seeing a big sell off of Bitcoin Cash after the (minor) fork and then a buying opportunity for that altcoin? I'm only thinking as a hedge. I too believe in Dash and it seems so much further along in its development.

  2. HA! Informative AND entertaining! That's how you have to brand yourself for success nowadays! Good job on this vid. I knew DASH was going to be something. They offer a big enough change to the system where others will feel like they have to "catch up" so to speak. With that said; would you give a quick opinion on reddcoin? The site has been down for at least 5 days now but they are working on it. The system seems very different and the direction they are going in, if successful, is game changing. Only the security is what I question. It's like Steemit but there is a difference which is vital. Search YouTube and find ShoesAndCarsTV review (about 17mins) and CryptoJack review (about 13:30mins) VERY good coverage. Please just give me a quick idea of what you think, I know you're busy. Thanks Craig, chihuahua and Paul. 🙂

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