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39 thoughts on ““Buy Ripple XRP And Stellar”, OmiseGo Plasma Video Game & Litecoin On Facebook

  1. Today is US mid term elections which means the power in congress can shift. Big institutions know this as well as seasoned investors. If one of the biggest issues in crypt right now is regulation it makes sense to wait see who makes up the new congress and who will influence laws being passed and then lobby to them. This is what I would do. I think later this year 2018 we will start to see a positive change but I think we will see and all out bull run by end of 1st quarter. This will give time for people with influence to influence law makers who ever they will be. I think is a great time to start dollar cost avg in your favorite projects.

  2. I recommend looking into the AirFoil application. It gives you more granular control over the input and output streams. E.g., you could have the Brave browser playing through a Bluetooth speaker, and simply mute it, thus allowing you to continue oral recording. Also, could you list the podcasts/documentary channels that you listen to? What would you rather invest in: OMG, BTC, or ETH?

  3. Stellar and XRP are the best coins out there, they are working together with regulation and possible use cases. Stellar with IBM, XRP with banks. – no, banks will not disappear within the next 20 years, crypto fan boys –

    2019 will be an amazing year for these coins

  4. Aside from the announcement this morning from OKEx, which likely only acted to strengthen the ongoing rally, several pieces of bullish news have emerged in November which might help explain the general recent growth.

    On November 1st, Canadian exchange Coinfield announced that it had gone live with 20 XRP trading pairs. The exchange is available in 61 countries.

    XRP also might have been given somewhat of a boost around the same time – as Financial ratings agency, Weiss Ratings, gave a buy signal for the cryptocurrency alongside Stellar, EOS and Cardano on Oct 31st.

  5. Please make smaller videos man
    With more topics
    I know other YouTube related who just started and already passed you in subscribers.

    I like you but please start making more videos maybe with less topics on then I’m saying this for your best

  6. I think the SEC delay is due to the US government causing this because they are losing its grasp of the USD as a world trade currency and approving the ETF would put the final nail in the USD coffin

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