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Bitcoin Analysis & Crypto News Today: Are we in an uptrend or a downtrend right now? I use technical analysis to show you what I think. The Bitcoin price is seemingly finding support in the $9k area, and I’ll take a look at the EMA’s to analyze the Bitcoin chart. Also, the New York Stock Exchange are looking into Bitcoin trading. Huge news! Moreover, I use technical analysis on the Ethereum trade and also the Monero trade that we are watching right now. So, to find out more about my analysis, watch the video!!

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0:50 General Crypto-Market
5:17 Bitcoin
15:20 Ethereum
15:53 Monero
16:58 Bitcoin & Crypto News

NYSE Bitcoin:

32 thoughts on “Breakout From $9k Level?? | New York Stock Exchange Trading Bitcoin!! HUGE!

  1. This is the same pattern just a bit more messy than the one in Feb/Mar…come on guys, it's so obvious. Also the stock market and BTC, I kept talking about it for weeks now and Carl you didn't believe me. It seems like the amount of time I spend online gets me a couple of weeks ahead of everyone else getting on board with the info. So this is good news for me. At least I'm not wrong and can use that info to trade better.

  2. Be warned! This kid has no idea what he is talking about – there were countless videos of him in the past weeks promoting a bull and breakouts that did not happen, talking even about a "confirmed bull market" – nothing happened, in the contrary – next day after that fake breakout cryptos declined by over 15%!!! Open your eyes!!! Cryptos are still in a long, agonizing bear and the best traders out there predict (and I also believe) that there will be an additional crash to somewhere below 3k before things recover, and all of these kiddie trading vids won't change that. Get real! Keep in mind folks that you can lose your life savings if you follow the advise of all those self-appointed experts! Buy good books about trading, trends, charts, etc. trade with a practice account for at least 3 months until you feel you would (as a stranger) trust yourself to be a good trader and then start with little!!!! Don't risk your life savings believing these "experts". I have nothing against Carl personally and think he's a very nice guy, but I believe he's not the one to follow if you want to make money in crypto. Remember – sometimes the best trade is no trade!!!

  3. Great video. I'm a new subscriber and long time BTC and LTC hodler..if you have a chance can you possibly do a video on a long chart of BTC, maybe the last 2 years. We might get a good projection of things to come. Too much manipulation short term for me.

  4. Interesting view.
    What I see is whales pushing up the price and the price dropping as soon as there is no more push. We are to high .. no public hysteria.. When speculators started to push up the market to early they created a fake bull movement.. should have had 2 weeks at least of stability and not a 1k push in 1 hour.. was to early.
    Also 2018 IS NOT 2017. 2017 was a public hsyteria pump and dump move .. look at google trends – cryptocurrency is in free fall..
    So we need to get first to decent "investor" levels.. then we start slowly going up.. then faster and faster..
    April, May.. does not matter.. we could have a bull run in August.. whenever Mr Market is ready for it.
    I believe either the whales are playing with the price of BTC at their will.. conspiracy theory.. or that they lost control/steam .. Either way I don't see any 10k breakthrough before we have a more serious correction , 8k, 7k, 6k whatever.
    There isn't enough momentum for huge bull runs.. of course I might be wrong.. but we tested 10k and it failed back twice .. this bullish movement was to early. It run out of steam .. Plus of course the amount of fake news and manipulation makes people worried .. they want proof of a bull run first – above 10k for a few days.. resistance at 10k etc.
    BTC without manipulation seems weak. Volume is not going up.. So either sideways for 1 week at least or further correction .. That's what I used for my strategy.. who knows.. difficult to say.. but does not look like a huge bull run coming.. not yet. not after the "reality check" from the last week.

  5. For all the trolls here. We gained almost 50% since April. If you didnt made money then than you are probably hodlers so which means STOP looking at short term TA and then bash them. I also think we will see an increase especially with Concensus coming. Good night from holland. @The MOON Ziliqa performed very well also. Im glad i bought at 9 cents. I think it has a lot of potential. And I hope NEO will gain more.

  6. Guys don't forget the Consensus Conference which is a highly regarded event in the crypto community and focuses mainly on blockchain technology. Over 250 experts will be present to give lectures at the conference this year to be held starting May 14 to May 16 at Hilton Midtown in New York. Tom Lee has had positive sentiments about Bitcoin from the beginning of the year. He has predicted that Bitcoin price would trade at $20,000 by mid-2018 while the cryptocurrency would hit $25,000 by the end of the year. During the conference in 2017 Bitcoin price went up 69% while in the following couple of months after the conference, it increased by 138%.
    Just Saying…

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