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crypto news \& investigative reports: David It’s Time… Part 2 What’s Got Arb promoters spooked? Did The Boy Blunder’s Call To The Texas SEC have unintended consequences? Will exit scam in the wake of potential SEC enforcement? Their barely functional nonprofitable trading mbot is a complete sham?

Take a look at this Arbitraging Mbot Review. Watch this user realize he just threw away $500 in real time testing the mbot: .his attempt to get MBot to go starts at 3:00 into video

Bitconnect Is Back!?
Did You Forget ARB Is Bitconnect Scam With A New Name? XRPC Rebranded To Arbitraging, Proof signed By XRPC/Arbitraging CEO David Peterson Himself:

The Stage Presenter At World Crypto Con Vegas Knew ARB Was Bitconnect!:

ARB’s Connections To MLM Scammers Continue To Mount: Here’s one for Gold Crowdfunding

Arbitraging Poses A Serious And Credible Threat To Public Investor Safety And Is By Definition Promoting Illegal Securities By A CEO That “Lives In Texas” Go Figure

Any U.S. resident who is a victim of an Internet based PONZI scheme, such as a non-existent arbitraging scheme, can anonymously report the scam to the SEC.

Any U.S. resident who is encouraged to participate in a Internet based PONZI scheme, for example by being given guidance on how to use a VPN to circumvent SEC prohibitions on websites in order to place funds into a non-existent arbitraging scheme, can anonymously report the individual offering the guidance to the SEC.

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9 thoughts on “Breaking Crypto News Live: Arbitraging CEO David Peterson… It’s Time! 2 #BTC #Ethereum #Eth

  1. 8O8 this sham disgraces that very term !!! the 808 is monumentally used on countless hit songs and these nimrods are not worthy to have it associated with this scam

  2. Your message couldn’t get clearer than this…the ball is squarely in David’s court.

    The Bad Crypto Podcast guys can sure use this video to aid in their research for Dave’s interview questions. I would also hope they post a biography about Dave.

  3. I think they banned me from their telegram channel, which is funny because I don't even chat in there. Some of the shills must not like the questions I've been leaving in their comments.

  4. Back trading Bitmex, i miss crypto, anyway, it seems cryptocon was a huge failure for ARB, DP never revealed profitable m-bot trades or proof that the a-bot is real, and now whats up with the promoters abandoning the ARB ship, exit scam in sight?

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