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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Is the Bitcoin price breaking out right now? Or is this just a false breakout? I’ll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. I will also discuss the Bitcoin Cash hard fork and the rapper T.I being sued. Watch the video to learn more!

0:29 Bitcoin Technical Analysis
8:31 General Market Analysis
9:10 Bcash Hard Fork
15:41 Rapper T.I.

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46 thoughts on “BREAK OUT Or Fake Out?! | Satoshis’ Vision Vs. Satoshi…..

  1. That is the clear break I was looking for. Now I'm watching for it to go down to the top of the descending triangle and use it for support. If it breaks through bear market isn't over. If it touched and bounces up let's just say… game on.

  2. Lur Apple example was horrible and did not truly convey what happened with the Bitcoin Cash hard fork. They did not steal Bitcoin tech or the name. They split and still keep the original Bitcoin code with added improvement for scalibility and fees. Nobody wants to pay $50 In Bitcoin to send $5 worth of Bitcoin. As soon as it surges again Bitcoin mempool will show how Bitcoin cannot support high tx volume and therefore is unusable as peer to peer which is Satoshi's Vision. Yet and still…may the best coin win.

  3. I would like to hear about the stock market combined with the Nasdaq and the S&P… Although the DOW is above the 200 day average it broke, the other two are not. It should be interesting to see what is going to happen in the next few days. What do you think, Carl? Great video, as always!

    SELL YOUR BITCOINS FOR XRP NOW, I SEE A CRASH TOO $3500. I see some more manipulation here, BTC will go down to $3500. Everybody, sell your bitcoin now and buy XRP!!!!!

  5. I love you Carl but your missing what Ver is doing and why he promotes Bcash as the real BTC. He has been around a long time and feels strongly BTC core Dev coopted project and have been holding back adoption. Your not a fan of the central bank system right? I hate to give you the bad news but you and Ver are on the same team. Your emotions are preventing you from seeing everything on this one. Keep up the amazing work!

  6. Eth and xrp had some nice run ups today. I'm getting so bored with the market that I haven't been watching crypto videos lately…maybe that's an indication to some degree that we'll see some big moves in a few months.

  7. From zero hedge.
    "The following countries will receive 'temporary' waivers excusing them from US sanctions on Iranian oil exports.

    South Korea
    While several European countries that applied for a waiver didn't receive one (reports last week noted that the US had refused to grant a waiver to the European Union as a whole), Italy and Greece did receive waivers. Pompeo noted that "European businesses have already made their decision and they're deciding not to do business with Iran.""

    USA is the boss. I can't see how btc will ever compete against USD ?.

  8. My take on this B-Cash hard fork 'battle' between Ver and Wright is that it is a fake fight that they cooked up together to get people to think there will be a fork that will result in two solid coins when they actually intend to stick with their basic plan and favor one coin. They're just trying to create a bigger pump to make up for their latest dismal losses. I'm selling on the 14th, not the 15th – and maybe sooner, if leaked news shows that the so called battle is BS, and/or the charts show a clear downtrend just before the event. (Which they have done on on every previous BCash news event – with the sole exception being the Coinbase listing).

  9. Dude your so wrong on bch being a con. It's the true bitcoin, it has the same Genesis block for a reason, also read the whitepaper. While bch is p2p Cash, BTC lightning coin is a 2nd layer remittance service! It's btc that's the scam, shame on you for not seeing this!

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