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Bitcoin is having a wild ride in 2018. The digital currency began the year on high note. Bitcoin prices nearly reached $20,000 in December 2017 as investors poured into cryptocurrencies. Here’s what seven experts had to tell CNBC about the future of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.
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Bitcoin: What Seven Experts Think | CNBC

36 thoughts on “Bitcoin: What Seven Experts Think | CNBC

  1. Besides, there is this hype around Blockchain Technology being better than Bitcoin. This is simply not true. Blockchain is just 1 out of 4 components that make the Bitcoin Network. It is simply a distributed storage mechanism. By definition it is a data structure. And when compared to a traditional centralized database, it turns out that it's actually under-performant. The interesting things about Open, Public Blockchains is that they bring certain properties with it: Descentralization, Censorship Resistance and Openess to Innovate on the Edge of the Network. All these "Blockchain, not Bitcoin" hype is just misleading people. Anyone here uses Intra-nets?

  2. Anyone who listens to this are simply fools. The same people who listens to CNBC advice are the same who bought Bitcoin at $ 20K and sold at the bottom. And the cycle will repeat itself. The secret they don't want you to know about successful investing is this: Investors with the highest returns are those who are willing to stand the descomfort of buying during a bear market. Only those who can stand and HODL strong will win this game. When the next Bitcoin Bubble comes and CNBC starts pumping Bitcoin again, don't go with it. Just SELL during the hype and BUY when everyone is trashing it. Inversion of paradigm.

  3. What's the used of bitcoin after 10 years u still can't buy a cup of coffee with bitcoin without cost more than a arm and a leg, cost me $1.50 to buy a coffee at gas station but $20 dollars in fees for bitcoin

  4. A sleeping giant to look out for in crypto is Elastos. The best blockchain project I've seen. Merge mining with Bitcoin. Too many reasons why this is revolutionary. Highly recommend to at the very least look at this project.

  5. Basically nobody knows. I’ve put £300 in and it’s now worth under £100 but that’s not to say that it couldn’t be worth £10,000 in the next five years. Bitcoin is something that likes to seesaw. It’s a very unique thing because it’s a currency and it’s a currency like no other because it’s value is given by the people that trade it.
    Once you hit rock bottom, there is no other way than up. And I reckon £1,000-£5,000 bitcoin value is the lowest it can go when consider that the market cap isn’t very high in comparison to the grand scheme of things.

  6. To be honest every other market is in a bubble, just take a look at the housing market and stock market, this market is still relatively new I think people will soon adopt this market even more.

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