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  1. hi Crypto Corny,
    Thank you for yr consent supply of videos, the last 4 i have watch over and over, i have been watching the Crypto market for over a year now, the comment you made about watching the charts for about an hour a day for 9 months is no understatement, i can honestly say i have not made a penny profit, and down about £800 in a year. maybe not knowing when to day/ swing or just hold, but can read most of the indicators ok. your video about the 7 / 25 / 99 MA was a great help.
    i constanley find it difficalt to know what coins to trade or watch also find, always seem be drawn to coins that are at the top or maxed out. please could you maybe shed some light on how to find good coins to trade and what to look out for. i am in crypto for the long haul loses are part of learning.
    again thankyou for the videos.

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