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Learn how to trade Crypto currencies like a pro as I teach you institutional level day trading in this free online course.

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Lesson 1: The Fundamentals
Lesson 2: Accumulation and distribution
Lesson 3: Levels (Supports and Resistances)
Lesson 4: Targets
Lesson 5: Momentum
Lesson 6: Patterns
Lesson 7: Wedges
Lesson 8: Time Frames
Lesson 9: Level Adaptation
Lesson 10: Live Trade 1


Lesson 11: Targets Advanced
Lesson 12: Trend Starts and Finishes
Lesson 13: Exhaustion
Lesson 14: Advanced Support and Resistance
Lesson 15: Advanced Levels Gained vs Lost
Lesson 16: Advanced Levels 2 Touch, Rejection, Wicks, and Closes
Lesson 17: Live Trade 2
Lesson 18: Catching and Releasing falling knives
Lesson 19: Day Trading as a Career
Lesson 20: Entries and Exits
Lesson 21: Moving Averages
Lesson 22: Advanced Trends Valleys and Peaks
Lesson 23: Mechanical Trading
Lesson 24: Live Trade 3
Lesson 25: Putting It All Together


Lesson 26: Level Strength
Lesson 27: Dissecting The Psychology
Lesson 28: Camouflaged Levels
Lesson 29: The Disciplined Trader
Lesson 30: Planning The Trade To Perfection
Lesson 31:
Lesson 32:
Lesson 33:
Lesson 34:


Donations and tips: I’m humbled to accept these with gratitude. All donations and tips go towards a fund for building spiritual healing centres in Canada. It’s been a life goal of my family and I to create spiritual healing centres to re-establish communities, and lost culture across all nations.

❤️ BTC Donation/tip address: 3Dg3oYaGFyD4DUTmQVtmwwxriNAcnAFsem ❤️


23 thoughts on “Bitcoin Trading (Free Course) Lesson 3: Levels of Support and Resistance

  1. At the 15 minute mark you talk about the wedge and trend line combining to make a very strong area where price gets rejected. But hasn't the top level of the wedge come from that rejection or was it drawn beforehand (and if so – how?)

  2. Thanks for the video. Question: There's a general saying that technical analysis is better in the crypto/forex market compared to the stock market. Why is that?

  3. Honestly, you doing a great job. I have being following your work from the day you posted (or someone else) the link in one of Telegram group i belong. I am aspiring trader, i mean want to be trading for living. It was not long I realise that 99% of videos i see from this social platform are mainly directed towards gaining crowd. You making trading more educative like the way it should from your perspective. I have read many books but your explanation in each video shed more light to those parts have being wary to know. Thanks so much for all this. I wish you continue this and ass well telling you am now fully enrolled in your E-Academy…. THUMPS UP UP UP UP UP

  4. Hi Dude. Love the videos so far. The science of trading.

    I have a question – because i learn best using action and want to put your levels theory into practice – if i start on the weekly and then put these levels in on the W, D, 4h and 1h (the timeframes i use), there are levels bloody everywhere when i attempt to use them on the 1h! If these levels are, as you say, "infinite" then wouldnt the chart just end up as one gigantic level? There would be no non-level?

    I guess my question is, which levels are important? Just the most recent swing high and low per chart? Say if a level is reacted too, but missed slightly, do you then adapt that level to the slight miss?

  5. This is actually the first time I've ever felt compelled to comment on any YouTube video ever.
    Excellent information so far. I've spent the last 4 months following other "famous" day traders on YouTube, watching hours and hours of videos, attended their free seminars/training sales pitches, and read through several books. None of them have touched on these topics in this level of detail. Most of them seem to guide you towards purchasing their training courses, which I've yet to do because…who could afford that? I'm trying to build my base equity to get started and can't give the entire nest egg away to pay for their training.

    I like your teaching style. Your natural passion for teaching really comes through in the videos. Very much appreciate you doing this for free. Eagerly awaiting the future courses.
    Thank you so much!

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