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Learn how to trade Crypto currencies like a pro as I teach you institutional level day trading in this free online course.

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Lesson 1: The Fundamentals
Lesson 2: Accumulation and distribution
Lesson 3: Levels (Supports and Resistances)
Lesson 4: Targets
Lesson 5: Momentum
Lesson 6: Patterns
Lesson 7: Wedges
Lesson 8: Time Frames
Lesson 9: Level Adaptation
Lesson 10: Live Trade 1


Lesson 11: Targets Advanced
Lesson 12: Trend Starts and Finishes
Lesson 13: Exhaustion
Lesson 14: Advanced Support and Resistance
Lesson 15: Advanced Levels Gained vs Lost
Lesson 16: Advanced Levels 2 Touch, Rejection, Wicks, and Closes
Lesson 17: Live Trade 2
Lesson 18: Catching and Releasing falling knives
Lesson 19: Day Trading as a Career
Lesson 20: Entries and Exits
Lesson 21: Moving Averages
Lesson 22: Advanced Trends Valleys and Peaks
Lesson 23: Mechanical Trading
Lesson 24: Live Trade 3
Lesson 25: Putting It All Together


Lesson 26: Level Strength
Lesson 27: Dissecting The Psychology
Lesson 28: Camouflaged Levels
Lesson 29: The Disciplined Trader
Lesson 30: Planning The Trade To Perfection
Lesson 31:
Lesson 32:
Lesson 33:
Lesson 34:


Donations and tips: I’m humbled to accept these with gratitude. All donations and tips go towards a fund for building spiritual healing centres in Canada. It’s been a life goal of my family and I to create spiritual healing centres to re-establish communities, and lost culture across all nations.

❤️ BTC Donation/tip address: 3Dg3oYaGFyD4DUTmQVtmwwxriNAcnAFsem ❤️


13 thoughts on “Bitcoin Trading (Free Course) Lesson 2: Accumulation and Distribution

  1. Hey man I almost bought choes course. Thanks you so much for providing this information for free. Idt you understand how much I appreciate you and this information. ?? I hope you continue to provide more knowledge for free

  2. I've been thinking about this accumulation/distribution concept the last couple of days and trying to wrap my mind around thinking of it in this way. It makes sense to say that when price action is moving sideways followed by uptrend, this is the accumulation of the asset up to a target high point, followed by the distribution/down trend of price action to the next accumulation point.
    That all makes sense. Sort of. The part that confuses me, using this terminology, is that every transaction, no matter which direction it is going, has one side of the transaction accumulating the asset while the other side is distributing the asset.
    So the traditional way of describing this movement of price action would be the uptrend is showing the buyers in control, downtrend sellers in control and sideways/consolidation is the "tug of war" between the two. I'm having a hard time "unseeing" it this way and treating it only as patterns of accumulation and distribution.

  3. I'm defiantly one of those people who has used the market is making up its mind or its moving side ways to explain what I dont understand….never again

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