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Bitcoin technical analysis livestream starts with weekly RSI, OBV and MACD indicators and zoom in to short term. Chart patterns suggest resistance may be exerting their influence.
Bitcoin dominance is at top of range – but has faltered. Should bitcoin dominance fade back, what will happen to the ALT/BTC price ratios? Will our ALTS begin to recover?? Is the ALT bottom in? The Last Altcoin Winter Storm has passed??

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3 thoughts on “Bitcoin Price Top? Indicators Hint We Are Hitting Resistance. | May 10 2019

  1. If btc is to reverse, it could be a heavy dump out of nowhere followed by a big rebound, then it could be time to get out.
    Btc is making the same structure over and over again.
    Most people though 6k was resistance, and it is sitting now just about 6430.
    ALT could get a big fake out also before btc drops.

  2. Seems Volume is light for the rise. They say volume should be long ass green bar prior to pull back. But then again maybe it is just steady but I think pull back to 5800 would make sense.

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