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Bitcoin is coming to the end of a triangle consolidation pattern. In this video, we discuss which direction it will breakout, and what that Bitcoin breakout will look like.

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42 thoughts on “Bitcoin Looking Bullish? Is A Bitcoin Breakout Coming Soon?

  1. Hey Jebb. I am not a fan of long term TA as it is pure speculation in this market I think. Anyway, shorts are closing today and volume is slightly up to 4.4 billion. You are definitely correct as we have been testing the top for a long time. I like you optimism as opposed to Kirby who cant find anything positive..LOL. Clearly we are still in a bearish pattern but I like your focus on the good and the bad.

  2. Just talk about the BCH chart your good at TA. The hard fork is irrelevant – price is everything. "BCH sticks out like a sore thumb", "not a lot happening in the market". If some POS currency shilled by sell out politicians like XRP was up 20% you'd probably have some positive things to say – but BCH… Thumbs down today.

  3. No men Land Atm.
    Some Crazy moon boys tell seriously that bitcoin price in 10 years will be in average +100k while other still See a bubble.
    And all the Analyst want price react to All this risking wedge etc.
    We had obv a huge Support from whales to avoid a crash.
    If this will safe hm.
    If bitcoin had the copyright for blockchain tech yes, But so it is Only the First and most hype one.
    People liking Bitcoin not even Know how Bad the 19k price Was for bitcoin and you can be Sure that whales Sold at high value and buyed back at lower.
    So whales meanwhile own a bigger fraction of bitcoin.
    If they sold bitcoin crash so Hard.
    But the market is very big But still handable, i am Sure whales or bitcoin holdes buyed more Bitcoin per debt or made Profits with Manipulation shared with bitfinex.
    But if the market will not regain some how it May be a evil crash.

  4. I love how people are giving you shit saying you do the same video everyday… but the markets been sideways for weeks sooo. I guess they want you to just start making shit up

  5. Appreciate the daily minutia. Theres value for us who dont dig daily on reddit and theWSjournal. …even if the sour complainers' gotta hate. If its "too boring"and youre "too knowledgeable already" dont watch. Thanks Jebb

  6. Dude. There’s no need to do a video every time bitcoin makes a $100 move. Relax. We are in an accumulation zone. It will be many months before bitcoin decides to ‘break out’. The break of the 200 dma is all that is of significance at this point. Extending the trend lines will do no one any good. Just relax and go with the flow, let this river we call the ‘cryptocurrency market’ take you where it may. We all know the end result.

  7. Hear me out, what if people are waiting for Bakt/Fidelity/ETF to sell BTC or to dump larger amounts of BTC? All of these guaranteed volume and “guaranteed” a profit for someone who bought in earlier. Could this be why we have been going sideways? the best time to “sell” is coming up when the market widens?

  8. bitcoin has been draining the alts for months. i think it about time the damn thing goes down and the alts rise. XRP and BCH will start the bullrun while BTC rises slowly just like last year.

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