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Sweden is mining PC for some Bitcoin. Poland is confused in the mean time.

Thank you ??? for a great idea

Poland: Hey Sweden what are you doing?
Sweden: America told me about the bitcoin. So.. apparently you mine PC you get Rich

22 thoughts on “Bitcoin is the new gold – Countryballs

  1. Idea :
    Bottle Flip Challenge !
    Turkey: So today we're gonna play BOTTLE FLIP CHALLENGE !
    England : Wow Can be The Queen Right There ? And The prize can be A Tea Set ?
    Turkey: No
    England Have a Sad Face 🙁
    Germany : Yay Can be the prize If i Win To Take Your Lands ? Or an Ak-47 ?
    Turkey : No Man What do you mean that's crazy
    Germany Have a sad face
    Poland :Can be the prize a trip to space ?
    Turkey:Yes That is But Is Hard to Win because your a Junior in this challenge !

    England is bottle flipping in bottom
    England:Omg did you see that queen
    England have a happy face
    Germany flipping in the dope
    Germany :Yayyy war , Your's lands are mine
    Germany Have a happy face
    Poland is bottle flip 2 Bottles in his dopes
    Poland : I cant win
    Poland have a sad face

    Turkey:Poland is the winner !
    England and Germany : What ?

  2. Idea: Polen can into space!
    Poland: Germoney, can I into space?
    Germoney: No! Polen cannot into space!
    Polen: Hungariy, can I into space?
    Hungariy: Suorry, I think no…
    Poland: Russija, can I into space?
    Russija: Yes, but only after you into Russija 1st!
    Polen: Srbija, can I into space?
    Serbia: Oh no! Kebab is cuoming! OK, Polen, help me remuove KEBAB, and don't wuorry, Romanija, Greese, and Arminea will into helpings us tuo! REMUOVE KEBAB!
    Polen: OK Srbija!
    *They Proceed To Remove Kebab, #NeverForget*
    Srbija: Thamks! Now, do yuo want to into space?
    Polen: Yeah!
    Srbija: Then cuome in my aircraft!
    Polen: YAY!!!
    *They go into Srbija's space, it's full of Russia, Kebab Removers, different alcohols, Yugoslavia memories, etc.*
    Poland: So, thies ies space, yes?
    Srbija: Yeah! Pritty kewl, right Polen?
    Poland: Yeah, it's kewl, but, y ies iet all Srbija?
    Srbija: Russija telled me, ief u go into space, iet will be yuor space!
    Poland: Ohh… Still, kewl!

  3. Idea: meincraft
    On a beautiful day, israel is walking and punch some woods for making weapons… after that. It was almost night so he build a shelter for the night…
    Israel:okay… now the shelter is done just need some light checking invetory oh there is no torch… well, time for mining grab wooden pickaxe
    a few minute later
    Israecome back from mining and make some torch. He then want to go to his shelter. He then put his torch near his front door.
    Israel: finally a light smiling
    Israel: wha???
    israel died by reichcreeper
    Poland: angerly leave his computer curse this fucking horror game!!!!

  4. IDEA
    France And Britain meets and goes to African Club Every African Country is Wears Scary Costumes when britain and france comes to club Every scary costumed african countries are scare

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