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The Bitcoin rally has started! In this video, we break down recent bitcoin price action, and discuss bitcoin price targets.

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41 thoughts on “Bitcoin Is Rallying! How Far Will Bitcoin Go?

  1. I think btc will reach 7400 usd and than comeback down to 6300 or 6400 usd…this how it will be most probably…it will come down because we are not ready yet and it will reach 7400 or so because btc wants to tell everyone I am coming

  2. Jebb, glad I didn't get so pessimistic about bitcoin that I stopped trading completely. Happy that I got in securely on the last dip for the time being. I think we should be extremely cautious as its these times when we start believing a floor has been confirmed that the opposite happens. I think the bitcoin cash hard fork started this rally primarily and it's been building from there. After the fork date Id be very cautious as this could just be a way for the elite to have us buy their coins before dumping on the market. Technicals and fundamentals do look good for now. Also this is correlating with the US stocks rallying.

  3. whats up is were getting our daily dose of jebb lol. fair play bro ive watched plenty of youtubers and most i get bored of them saying the same shit most of em are permabears that cant ever say anything positive (im no permabull btw im a realist that likes every option to be considered and ive no interest in people who think they are categorically correct them people are dangerous). theyre so obsessed with the price going down that they cant even consider there are other things happening in the market. your videos have been like a breath of fresh air. very few people have noticed the fact were in an accumulation phase. ignoring the fact so much institutional money has entered the space otc and let me tell you they havent bought btc to let it dtop in price they need it to go up ever so slowly to give the retail and other institutional investors confidence in the market or no new money will enter after them. whos gona buy btc for 4k or 5k off them? no one and they aint gona be sat holding their dicks. the bought to make a profit not a loss. there are also big players who need this etf granted the aint gona risk that by crushing the market just to rek some retail investors and make a quick profit thats happened all year theres more important things at stake now so they can make some real money. anyway thanks for keeping it real and providing none emotional info and youre certainly the most accurate person ive listened to over the last 6 weeks

  4. Wazzup Jeb?! I'm up, about 300 ft. in a cell tower. Nice view I tell ya. My completely unprofessional and amaturistic opinion is that we shoot up to just shy of 10,000 where there'll be some kind of bad news that plummets the price back down below 6,000 to around 3,000 – where we begin the actual accumulation phase until the next halving event that'll kick off the next bull run to around 150,000. Thanks for all that you do, my friend! You've helped make this journey a "bear"able one! 🙂 (Maybe I'm just full of "bull"shit, I don't know…)

  5. What's up! What's going on? Well I went to Austria for two days… to keep you up to date! 🙂 Besides that I like your bullish opinion, I sign that! 🙂 If you really want bitcoin to go up, than I want it to go up too!!! 😀 😀

  6. Hey guys, I've been watching Jebb for a while but I was wondering what exchange you guys use.  I currently have a couple coins on coinbase but they charge fees.  Any suggestions on how to avoid fees now that I want to start trading?  Thanks in advance

  7. Hey jeb wozaaap ? looking bullish feeling bullish hoping it’s bullish and bullish on retiring soon lol ? keep who you are n keep doing what ya doin man ?love your vids,very informative and more truthful than most. No crap no bs just what is goin on with what’s it is. Come on lil litecoin you can do it ?

  8. 1st) A great big THANK YOU for all your work & time Jebb. I'm a newbie to trading, and like the majority of 1st timers (who didn't know what they were doing, ALONG with being scammed twice) I've now lost @ 88% of my original investment I started with and any gains I had made along the way. I try not to think about it – but I'm not rich so that money was hard earned & important to me.

    *2nd …… Can you take a little time and look at ZRX on Coinbase?* I have a position & ZRX continues to drop. I know the gain last month was SOLELY do to ZRX being listed on Coinbase. I got in as ZRX did it's last dance on the Green side. TOTALLY STUPID!!!!! Take a quick look, should I cut my losses & get out now before I loose even more money? I can't imagine this token will see any significant recovery. I jumped in before I learned about why/how ZRX was chosen to be listed on Coinbase – the blatantly incestuous ties/relationships among the individuals who brought this together, amounted to a total scam being played on this listing; wash trading, spoofing, & market making (I even took photos one day of INSANE AMOUNT of matching trades trades). And why is the pace of trading soooooo SLOW when the volume of trades at the buy/sell are enormous? ZRX on Coinbase should be trading just as fast as BTC, BCH & Eth!! Look at the pace for yourself. They should be thrown in jail for a deal which worked out to be nothing less than a version of insider trading!!! I'm tired of all the cheating in this Crypto world 🙁

  9. Hey guys…What’s going on?? Jebb here and in today’s video we’re gonna be doing some technical analysis on Bitcoin, and the crypto currency market, and more specifically (….fill in the blank) ?

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