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44 thoughts on “Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin On Yahoo Finance, Bitcoin Sell Off “Over” And Cardano ADA On Bittrex

  1. I honesty don't think privacy coins will last to long. There's groups out there that like to know what people spend there money on. It's all apart of a system. My two cents lol

  2. Yahoo finance has 70 million unique visits a month. Thats more than MSN, CNN and Google finance. Just because coins have a high ranking market cap, doesnt mean they just should be praised. Bitconnect at its ATH for example.

  3. I don’t know why companies like Satis comes out with these predictions…just makes them look like idiots in a couple of months! Even a monkey can come out with better predictions ??

  4. Dogecoins is one of the best coins i use…. it has very low transactions fee's so when u need to send money to diff exchanges its better to do it in doge….its also faster and has alot of users and faucets…

  5. Do customers really buy and own crypto on Yahoo, or is it like Revolut, where you can only send between Revolut users, but not deposit or withdraw, which is basically selling fake crypto.

  6. This is the company that pre-pumped XMR a few days ago, just before this chart came out. They are simply "$hilling thire bag$" before the Sept. "Bull-Run"

  7. Each state in the United States does have its own laws and state constitutions, however those laws are superseded by federal laws, and the US Constitution which is the supreme law of the land.

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