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38 thoughts on “Bitcoin Drops In Rankings, Bitcoin Price Speculation And Bakkt “Bull Run”

  1. The government of China and the Chinese people obviously disagree about the rankings and value of Bitcoin. Everyone knows why. Chinese millionaires take their wealth and move abroad for this same reason.

  2. All these Chinese Investors holding on to 80% of bitcoin IMO are keeping the market moving in the $6300-$6700 range the other 20% are average investors that add little volume to the market. If Bitcoin moves past $6700 they sell driving the price down again, then they re buy at low positions and repeat this cycle probably carried out by BOTS. Doesn't help that the big whales buy Bitcoin OTC off the exchanges at cheaper prices so WE (the honest market) never see any changes when we look at the exchange prices.. All manipulation folks.. Its the new game 2018-2019

  3. The 2017 Bullrun was a Chernobyl disaster of Volatility. Everyone FOMO'd in with stories of 15 year old kids buying Bitcoin and selling for Lambos.. Then when the last sucker paid top $$Dollar for bitcoin shares, the whales dumped and sold causing the avalanche immediately and WREKT so many people. So many people lost thier ass and are still struggling to find a way out of losses. Nobody is trying to get WREKT again like that first run.. The players that are still left at the table know way better what can really happen. There is no reason for a bullrun to just start again right now. The market may stay this way for another year in recovery,

  4. Don't know were you able to cover this when it happened, but Bank of America's attitude towards cryptocurrency is extremely bipolar. Just August of this year there were news coming out where the Bank is filing patents for enterprise level cryptocurrency storage and yet within the same month the Bank announced that they will not open business accounts for cryptocurrency related businesses, such as blockchain companies, exchanges, and so on.

  5. gold > bitcoin > fiat. Now it's puzzling how no news will move this flatline. I think Bitcoin's natural price right now is around 3000. The top 1% is keeping it at 6500 by picking it up when it starts to fall. When mass adoption happens trust me it won't be the average guy that gets rich. All the average folks will flood in after the fact and line the pockets of the top 1%. Just my opinion for what it's worth.

  6. 1. Institutions are loading up.
    2. ETF gets announced in February.
    3. Stock market crashes.
    4. BTC price sky rockets.

    It's all part of their plan. The stock market is running out of steam and crypto is their next opportunity to make big money.

  7. If the ETF is not approved, I think Bitcoin will crash. No one knows the bottom, but I also think it will not disappear. It will bottom, and then rumors will come back that Bitcoin will fix this, will fix that, become compliant on this and that and that the ETF WILL BE APPROVED this time. Or even coming out with real physical BITcoins. 1/4 of a coin, 1/2 coin…etc. They will come up with something. They (wealthy) know where the money is. They are not going to let go of the Biggest ? cought in history. I'm not saying buy and hold forever, but trade it wisely. Place loss stops…for example if buying @ this range. Peace out

  8. Has anyone looked at the Ripple Riddler price chart? Since Oct 1st, we are right on track… Less than 2 weeks we will hit 60cents, and after that… well… look at the image with the RR on the throne

  9. 2018 is by far the worst year ever, the # of investors and $ that came in late 2017 was unprecedented…if you bought before the rally then you have no business talking about the big picture and about how you are not worried etc. etc. most people got in during the 2017 rally and to us it's a meltdown/crash, not a correction, coins in my portfolio down 60-98%…that's not a "correction" it's a complete crash.

  10. Most likely no bull run this year in my opinion. Most of the population knows what happened last year so why would they fomo just for prices to collapse again. We need stable growth with good fundamentals not hype and air . Lower prices EOY in my opinion.

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