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Over the weekend the crypto markets saw an all too rare rally, which was led by none other than the notorious $BitcoinCash. Leading up to the regularly scheduled 6 month #hardfork there is stark division within the $BCH ranks as prominent community leaders, mining pools, and developers face off and draw battle lines. Some are lobbying for a new implementation of smart contracts and oracles on the BCH protocol, while others want to see the block size increased yet again. As the infighting increases, so does the price of BCH. These are my thoughts on the most explosive situation currently in the crypto space.

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10 thoughts on “Bitcoin Cash Bidding War | $BCH Drama

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  2. I think like you do, guys. Staying out of "internal clash", watching it unfold, kind of "schadenfreude". Having some bucks and I see an opportunity to speculate, but too much risk.

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