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I hired a drone flyer to take footage for upcoming house sale. Price of BCH dropped so he bailed on me. Don’t be like my pilot. Get in while price of BCH is on sale.

18 thoughts on “Bitcoin Cash BCH price drop caused investor to buy helicopter

  1. SV will definitely loose. this 51% attack was never attempted before. it is interesting to see if blokchain actually works and how secure it is . if ABC wins BCH will fly like a space ship.

    keep in mind BCHABC is supported and used by countries who are under tyranny and no one likes tyrants and dictators and C wright sounds like one. . really who cares about the block size , we just want something that works. CWright is only focused on wining no plans after that.

  2. thanks for watching this click bait video. The audio sucks big time. I did not plan to make a video but was too excited about the price drop today. Will get microphone next.

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