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Bitcoin Cash stands out today as it hit a two month high. Bitcoin Cash has been on an upward trend recently as it is preparing for a hard fork or backward-incompatible code change, scheduled for November 15th.

Gwyneth Paltrow is receiving a lot of criticism in the media this week for tweeting about a Q&A with the CEO of Abra for her website Goop.

And Rapper T.I is being sued by 25 cryptocurrency investors for allegedly deceiving investors. The investors claim that they invested over $1.3 million into a pump and dump scheme led by T.I and Ryan Felton. The cryptocurrency named Flik token was created in August of last year.

And in other crypto news, Etoro has released a cryptocurrency management mobile app.

Please remember this is news, not investment advice.

3 thoughts on “Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Hits 2 Month High Ahead of Fork, Investors Sue Rapper T.I – Nov 7th Crypto News

  1. BCH has become a gaggle of S#*T coins that attract the greedy like flies to that S#*T.
    There have been plenty of alts that have taken their course and pumped their ideas.

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