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After a false downside break, Bitcoin prices reversed quickly and on high volume. However, the rally paused at a key resistance level so prices need to confirm with some upside follow-through.

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15 thoughts on “Bitcoin Bullish Reversal! White Paper Turns 10! Technical Analysis Update for 10.31.18

  1. Look at the monthly. I don't see anything positive there (do you? Serious question). Personally I think a huge dump is inbound this month as the price falls through the moving average, and many more months of red after that when people start to freak out…like they ALWAYS do.

  2. you said we had not much follow through to the downside. unfortunately we've seen ZERO upside follow through. so im not confident at all in a "bullish reversal" unless we close above $6900 coinbase price.

  3. Thanks a lot for your brief update about the actual "situation" and what is now important to watch out. Its absolutely educational for me to something like this TA from you. That gives me a lot more than to have bla bla bla and nothing valuable. Big compliment. You bring it (every time) on point!

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