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A bearish Bitcoin breakout has occurred following the climax of a symmetrical triangle pattern discussed in a previous video. In this video we’ll discuss the implications of this Bitcoin breakout

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25 thoughts on “Bitcoin Broke Bearish! What Does This Mean For Bitcoin?

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  2. A lot of stock on daily chart broke below MA200 which very very bearish . As you can see BTC broke below MA200 was March 2018 and lead the whole crypto market to the blood bath . So , the Vaneck , cboe etf whatever that is and especially the bakkt which NYSE which is expected to launch in November . In my opinion , all of these thing will be accepted and bring BTC back to 5 digit very soon . My TA and i said , on BTC weakly chart the MACD switch from red to green since Sep 24 . The Bear in BTC is very weak right now , and i see the Bull is comming . As stock begin head to hell , i really hope when bakkt open people will take btc as their saving money .

  3. Sorry buddy.. but a Couple of weeks back your post said Keep your bull horns ready.. haha.. when tether crap happened and we went to 7700!!!!!! When the market goes up even a little, you say an important development, you forget to see it was a fake tether FUD and pump.. now, when it goes down, you say it's obvious.. Seriously man?!! A neutral analysis is also fine.. I really liked your posts earlier very much but lately, i think you are confused because the market has confused you as well among others. But Let's be real.. why would anyone think with those volumes we had last week that we should have gone up? why? yeah only one reason we would think we are going up, and that is not TA, but actually hope….!!!!!

  4. Jebb, always appreciate ur TA/FA & commentary.
    Watch4 a break down, wow, HV still @/near ATL.
    BTCUSDShort>Longs by ~10K, sheeze, what r they thinking? Margins r2 thin & if they get squeezed?
    SuperTrend holding, Vol=Low, Daily MACD cross, RSI cooled off, all TA is given2 crypto oracle psychics.
    BTC ~ 5.8k, maybe, then, Boom or Moon, either way, I don't care.
    I'm going Long, look4 me @ the post, Hero or Zero.
    Huge $$$'s moved in & more r waiting, if they're interested, so am I.
    Do ur own TA/FA, move in/out carefully, keep ur hands/feet inside of the vehicle @ all times, have fun & enjoy the ride.
    Kind regards 2all.

  5. At this point, sure wish BTC would bleed out to the absolute rock bottom. I’d be fine @ devastating 90% loss with a side order of financial genocide as long it starts moving up for a change. Don’t care. I’m patient as a saint but even I have my limits.

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