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Cryptocurrency market bounce is happening! Lots of EOS and Bitcoin news in this video. Coinbase OTC? Is Dan Larimer ok? Tom Lee holds by his BTC end of year prediction. Price predictions!
Time Stamps:
0:36 – Bitcoin
4:33 – Money In The World
8:03 – Tom Lee
10:00 – Coinbase
11:40 – Market
11:56 – Dan Larimer
Telegram: MaxDapp Youtube / @Maxdapp
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8 thoughts on “Bitcoin Bottom? – EOS News – CoinBase OTC? – Dan Larimer Telegram & Tom Lee Prediction!

  1. All dan and blockone do is talk about these amazing ideas and dapps , I gave them my money over a year ago and it’s time for some results . Where is thier wallet where is their social media platform, where is Rex where is RUI ? It’s time to start showing what they have done with all those billions !

  2. Dan today:
    I will say it again, I am not leaving EOSIO or B1. In the process of working on EOSIO security and scalability I stumbled upon a new set of tradoffs for a potential crypto token and I have merely been exploring whether there is a market for those tradeoffs. EOSIO is the future of blockchain and each day our team at block one is making it faster, more secure, more scalable, and more flexible.

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