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I want to speak briefly about the community and changes coming as well as give a short take on the market today with LTC and a recent update.
My personal top exchanges to use are: Binance, Bittrex and GDAX (For bank transfers)

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Disclaimer: The information I discuss in the videos on this channel are only the views of myself and are not to be taken as financial advice. The purpose of these videos are to promote discussion and interest in the crypto-space.

33 thoughts on “Big Changes Coming to Channel and Daily Litecoin Updates 1/14/2018

  1. I started watching Crypto YouTube Videos back in October.  Got hooked.  Bought 40 LTC at $90.00, hours before they tripled!  That's the kind of thing that keeps you at the table!  Waiting for the world to realize that LTC is what Satoshi had in mind.

  2. Thanks for the Channel!! As a aggressive investor in mostly Dividend stocks, I decided to have a little bit of exposure into the Crypto world! LiteCoin seems like the smart investment in the crypto world! Keep on spreading the great info!

  3. Set up the VTC client on my home computer, excited to get working on that, thinking about mining it, as well. Thank you again for the content and congrats on the positive growth. And, if you ask me, the market still looks beautiful regardless. Constant explosive growth is vastly concerning in many, if not all, instances.

  4. Great channel. I got started beginning of last year. You stand out. Keep it going.
    To all the newbies in cryptp: welcome. Be patient. Buy litecoin. It will sky rocket. LtC was a snail last year and might be a snail this year, however, this snail is going to make a bull run i promise. Seen it all last year.
    Don't panic. Never sell low or sell just bcuz its not gaining. PATIENCE♡

  5. I started mining Vertcoin. Vertcoin One Click is pretty easy to setup. I would like you to address the government FUD that's always out there and lurking. It's probably my biggest internal FUD. I think the biggest obstacle is going to be jealous governments/banks that will try to ruin everything to keep us inside inflationary dollars.

  6. Finally your video! Heh, I did same insight today, like 1 hour, that Litecoin has biggest stability out of TOP 10 coins. In addition to that, I think all of your subscribers are happy that you are moving forward with your channel. I have one thing that is really bothering me in good way that I believe, blockchain and all the products and visions that coin creators have will provide different job opportunities, for example creation of smart contracts. It's just thought, but I think blockchain will have significant impact on many jobs like: lawyers and etc.

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