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49 thoughts on “Bank of America , Extinction , Bitcoin And Ripple XRP

  1. Already looking at a house in Liechtenstein far better built and value for money than any of the crap you see blow away in a storm in America. Looking at a Villa for $500,000 Cheap…Near the Ski Platze.

  2. The Phillppines whole economy is built off remittance so its not a small thing happening. Western union is the biggest player and very expensive so Send Friend could be huge

  3. Thanks again DAI… I am a musician that believes in XRP, and I am inspired to educate everyone I can about Ripple and the Blockchain.
    I am currently accepting XRP donations to fund my musician lifestyle, and If I receive 2000 XRP I will write and release a space aged, rock and roll concept album on the 'renaissance' that is Blockchain and XRP. Leave your name in comments if you wish to donate (even 1 XRP) and I will thank you all publicly on the channel when it is released! XRP wallet: rPVMhWBsfF9iMXYj3aAzJVkPDTFNSyWdKy Tag: 1445755022
    See you all on the Moon!

  4. There's been quite a few times that I found great information and tried to message you only to not be able to find you @digitalassetbuy! Do I have to be invited? Still finding my way around Twitter!

  5. So, many have speculated that XRP will become a world currency, and with that carries the connotation of the cashless society/mark of the beast, etc. Thus, XRP is said to be the bankers coins. Now, Swift is a company that I would put in the "Big Club" where the bankers and other elitist have membership. XRP which was born from Ripple is now not partnering with Swift and is a competitor. Would that then give credence to Ripple and XRP not being in the same "Big Club" as they are now competitors? Would that legitimize XRP as being more of an anti-system type of currency? Although, one can make the argument that it's just two heads of the same coin – Swift/XRP as it pertains to the Bankers, its just diversification to make it appear there is not financial hegemony.I love your content and i truly believe its possible getting rich even in a bear market. I stumbled upon Mr Wesley Wills and he made me understand the principles behind profiting irrespective of the prevailing trend. I use a simple graph from him as well as his trade patterns and daily signals and i have already made very good earning in several tens of thousand. He also has the characteristic of doing his best to not only show you but tell you why it is so. He did awesome for me and i am so pleased to share this with as many as i can. His contacts are * wesleywillsclinic @ solution4u com or WhatsApp (+44 7482 875028)*

  6. Hello Mr. DAI, I have a question, If all these new stock brokers are coming in BAX, Fidelity and so on offering new services such as mutual and Hedge funds do they have to purchase the XRP and hold them for this. If so they would be taking them out of the circulating supply. Technically they would be shown as circulating supply but they would be on long term hold.. Can you correct me if I'm right or wrong…

  7. Etoro exchange is advertising at premier league football games in the uk for the last 3 months. When I first saw it I couldn't believe my eye's because it's the most watched sporting league on the planet fact.

  8. With all do respect, your full of shit. Criticism goes right by you? Is that why you block anyone who criticizes you? Fuck man, I am respectful at that, too. You can't handle being called a hype train. Wow, that's SOOO nasty. Whatever dude.

  9. Step 1
    Buy a billion coins OTC @ $0.50

    Step 2
    spend a few million dollars driving the price up to double digits

    Step 3
    Get CNBC to shill it to the normies

    Step 4
    Dump as many coins as I can after normies FOMO in

    Step 5
    Repeat process

  10. When you're about to make millions, and a very huge potential of billions off of using your mind, instead of your body, compared to the ass hats that laugh at your for investing in crypto, or any other thing of your interest, the insults just go out the window.

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