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25 thoughts on “BAKKT TO TRIGGER BULL RUN? BITCOIN CASH WAR? Tron BitTorrent Binance XLM Coinbase Apple

  1. Nice Apple TV screensaver for the background! haha Not hating! I really did like it. Something different and cool to watch. Always love seeing an upload from you. You're very insightful and smart about the bitcoin market. More uploads?

  2. I agree 100% on Bakkt. The Bitcoin they buy is on the OTC market so it will not effect the price on exchanges. I feel like down the road the things they have planned will have a huge effect on the space. But, not them purchasing their Bitcoin, which a lot of folks are saying is already bought and ready to go.

  3. If that student owes $450,000 tax, it might be because he sold most of his Crypto when it was worth $1 million. Or he made a lot of profit trading in and out many times and he would owe tax on all those gains, and then maybe rather than sitting on the cash and paying his tax, he may have sunk it all back in while prices were still high and now he is sitting on a big loss. That would be the worst case scenario, but he could sell now and take a big loss to offset his gains and then buy back in for the ride back up. He just needs a good tax accountant at this point.

  4. Seams like some of the internet companies are limiting speak h more and more? Don't know why but maybe there getting ready for when they provide China with there internet? Leave our speach alone! Welcome back. Love your content as always.

  5. Hey Elliot. Good to see yer face, buddy! I took a chance on bitcoin cash. Just a little one. I bought one at $470 the other day….not complaining, as it is hovering around $600 right meow. I just wanted to say I participated in a hard fork. LOL

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