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Updated Feb 10, 2018

Our forex platform is one of the first of its kind because it enables very high frequency trading on all of the largest and most liquid bitcoin exchanges.

Looking for Arbitrage? Well look no further! Our platform allows up to 10 different accounts on 10 different exchanges, so you can sell your coins for more profit!

Our professional trading terminal is very customizable and secure. It was built specifically to be used with cryptocurrencies it and utilizes Bitstamp, Bitfinex, Coinbase, Huobi, OKCoin, CampBX, and Kraken, allowing you to trade various cryptocurrencies such as, Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin, (DOGE), and other coins easier than ever.

– Real-time data from bitcoin exchanges such as Bitstamp, Bitfinex, Coinbase, BTC-E, Huobi, OKCoin, CampBX, Cryptsy and Kraken!
– Live candlestick charts (13 different time frames)!
– 7 Indicators: Volume, RSI, MACD, Bollinger Bands, EMA, SMA, Stochastic Oscillator!
– Full Market Depth: Order book & latest live Trades!
– Trade: Buy/sell @ market or create limit, and stop-loss orders!
– Overview with 24h change in % for over 90 Cryptocoins!
– Full Account Overview, with Wealth Pie Chart & complete trading history for every wallet!
– Multi currency support (18 different currencies)!
– Bitcoin Alert (Price Watchdog)!
– Bitcoin News (CoinDesk, BitcoinOracle, Yahoo Finance, r/Bitcoin, r/BitcoinMarkets from reddit)!
– 25 statistical charts and stats about the bitcoin blockchain!
– Compare Volume and Price between different Bitcoin markets!
– Chat with other traders on IRC Freenode #bitcoin-analysis channel!

To short bitcoins, go to the Margin trade page. There, you will place a sell order, with several options available:

Choose the type of order you want to make:
Market Orders are executed at the current market price available..
Limit Order are executed only if the price is above a desired price level.
Stop Orders are issued to close your outstanding (all or part) position if the price of Bitcoin falls below a certain level.

For a short position you need to buy Bitcoin to close your position so you would place a buy stop above the current price. If the price went against you, eventually the buy stop would be triggered and your position would be closed.

You should become familiar with the Liquidity providing page and understand how Swaps are made. Margin can be taken automatically but you also have the option of managing your CFD directly.

NOTE: This program only needs permission to trade and to get account infos, there is NO WAY it can withdraw your money from the exchange

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