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– American Express on Friday won approval to clear card payments in China, making it the first U.S. card network to gain direct access to what is set to be the biggest bank card market by 2020. The preliminary approval allows the company to process and settle payments in yuan domestically by setting up its own network with its Chinese joint venture partner LianLian Group.
– Bradesco and MUFG are leveraging Ripple’s blockchain technology to create a new cross-border payment service between Japan and Brazil.
– Weiss Ratings tweets – “NASDAQ to list XRP in 2019. It’s likely going to be the 2nd largest #crypto in the near future. Including it in the initial offering is obvious since the main focus is on market cap. Good to see NASDAQ is offering crypto exchange and that they have no bias against XRP.”
– The independent XRP programmer Wietse Wind has launched an invite-only beta version of XRParrot. The platform is remarkably simple: Just enter your XRP wallet address and wire the money you’d like to convert to the platform’s designated bank account. The fiat then gets converted to XRP which is deposited into the provided wallet address.
– Ripple’s Dilip Roa talks about how XRP will row with institutional use
– 93% of Brits Have Heard of Bitcoin, but Only 4% Have Bought It, Survey Shows
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26 thoughts on “American Express China LianLian Ripple – Bradesco MUFG Ripple – Nasdaq XRP – Dilip Roa – XRParrot

  1. Tony, is there any chance that you know why the Ripple Riddler had your intro music in one of its videos, while giving props to Vincent Wilson? I thought that was most interesting…

  2. I made a payment to my Amex card today within a few minutes it posted with new balance and was cleared from my bank account as settled in a couple hours. Amex definitely used xcurrent. Most cc companies take at least 2 days. I’m empressed with Amex.

  3. If I have to look at thus dweeb that has the commercial before this video one more time….Ughhh! He is so aggravating and annoying. Is there a way to skip the ads/ commercial in you tube?

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