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26 thoughts on “A Ripple XRP Price Explosion Is Coming! XRP Is NOT A Security

  1. remember! remember!! november " 05" xrp will explode!!!!
    biggest disappointment ever…. xrp explode not more than 20% very epic prediction, very exage people… i hate xrp

  2. You dickheads come up with the same bullshit every 3 months. Coin base, institutional investors, xrp not a security, bull run coming. I wi give you a tip. The SEC is not going to make any decision on xrp for years so give it a rest with fake news

  3. There is massive massive buying about to happen on the OTC market not on the exchanges so how is that going to help me? Why are they allowed to buy huge amounts of crypto without moving the price? Don't hold your breath and don't invest money you don't need for 5 years

  4. Ripple has never been a security and I truly think someone is throwing DODO in the game! Just as you mentioned the SEC has never given Ripple a cease and decease order Ripple been in the game 5 years making big boy moves!

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  6. Strapping rocket pack to my back aims for the sky. Looks over to SEC info hotline….see data coming in XRP, not a security….Bitcoin ETF approved! looks for the button for ignitor WOOOOOOO!

  7. you don't put on a condom unless you're going to fuck something…. tired of all these cock teases about XRP and it just fucking sits there and does nothing… fuck the whole goddamn crypto market is depressing… mother fuckers keep dumping BTC for fucking what?? BCH??

  8. Question. What market is everyone trading in for XRP? I've been using the ETH market and it seems to be doing alright. Want to make sure I'm not missing out by not trading in BTC.

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