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I spotted this cheap 1600 Watt Mining Power Supply and it was even fully modular. I lacked anything this powerful and it will let us do projects with SLI and CrossFire. I threw everything I had at this PSU, and it didn’t even flinch. But watch the entire video before deciding to buy it.

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20 thoughts on “1600W Fully Modular Bitcoin Power Supply for gaming?

  1. Should i buy this ? i would put in a quiet fan like a artic fan or noctua fan to keep it cool
    Edit- Also aafter some digging i found that supposedly this is a antec psu.. i personally doubt that but if it is ture….

  2. I've only ever ONCE bought a generic unbranded PSU like this and it lasted exactly 4 minutes before it literally blew up!!…….BANG!!!
    When you consider that I had almost £1000 worth of graphics cards connected at the time I seriously shit myself that it might of killed them!
    Luckily though they were unharmed.
    So thats one thing I will NEVER be doing again! EVGA all the way from now on!
    Moral of the story is……….You get what you pay for.

  3. Phil, you’re doing a lot of sponsored content recently, and I feel like it’s distracting from what brought me to your channel: data-driven retro pc gaming videos released regularly.

    You’ve gotta make your money, and I respect that, but you’re starting to lean pretty hard into sponsored items and newer tech, which is leading me to watch a lot less of your content.

    Do what you feel is right for your channel, I just personally hope the retro stuff doesn’t fall by the wayside. That’s what I feel makes your channel special.

    Though, thinking about it more it seems like you’ve been doing every other video sponsored, is that the case? Maybe I just haven’t been keeping close enough of an eye on it.

  4. Nice video! But take this with caution. 1600W No name PSU. 90plus Gold certified..? PLEASE!! :))
    This is really dangerous power ratings! (well at least the fan is at full blast!)
    They Name it a Bitcoin PSU? That is the last thing anybody in their right mind would use it for. A rig with multiple expensive and valuable GPU's running 24/7.
    Use it for some old hardware maybe.. but don't use it if you treasure the hardware. Better to find a known respected quality. A PSU can destroy your hardware if the protection circuits or voltage regulation don't work properly.
    BTW. A Good quality 500W PSU, that could also have handled the max loads shown in this video 🙂

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